Fields of Expertise

Since Tradam works with a team of professional translators, the areas of expertise cover a large array of topics. From foreign policy to contracts and from marketing materials to website content, Tradam is here to deliver great results and on time. However, if you want a highly specialized translation, leave your request here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Foreign policy

Our experience with foreign policy related texts comes as a result of working for governmental institutions in Bucharest, Romania and Arab embassies. This topic is always in demand translating such documents gave us the necessary vocabulary and specific writing style for the subject of foreign policy. If you need help with any foreign policy related text in Arabic, we are available to deliver the perfect translation.


Contracts are an essential part of any business nowadays, and represent the fundamental agreement between two or more parties. Having worked on a great number of contracts from Europe and from Arabic speaking countries as well, we’ve got what it takes to render a reliable and accurate translation.


This has been a hobby for some time now and so we have decided to turn it into a part of our Arabic translation portfolio. Let us help you translate into Arabic any make-up related text, including product descriptions, presentations or blog articles or other marketing materials

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